Friday, October 3, 2008

Praise for The Prediction Trap

I was thrilled to receive some excellent reviews on my second book, The Prediction Trap. Here are some samples:
“The Parrot Principle discussed in The Prediction Trap is especially demonic in the world of economics, and as an economist, I can attest that it’s an easy trap to fall into. We economists talk so freely about all kinds of things, and if they are said often enough they can become ‘truisms’ all without qualifications or caveats.”
Todd Hirsch, Senior Economist, ATB Financial

“Randy Park has once again hit the mark. All leaders should heed his warning and learn how to think and actually deal with the complex, ambiguous reality that confronts us. Come to think of it, everyone can benefit from this book to learn how to prepare for the future.”
Shelle Rose Charvet, author, “Words That Change Minds”

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